What exactly happens when you send a Merry Xmas message to your friend's phone

5 min readDec 24, 2023

The HTTP(s) request journey is much more complicated than how the Xmas gift is being shipped.

The story

Last week one of my friends asked me, “Xmas is coming, and I have to buy a gift for my friend in the US.”

“Just send them some messages or video clips”. I said.

“No we exchange gifts every year. It’s not as simple as sending messages or video clips”. He said.

“Technically, sending a Merry Xmas message is much more complicated than buying them a gift,” I said.

“Haha yes”.

Let’s discuss it today before this coming Christmas. Reveal the “Https Merry Xmas journey” together.

Wrapping a gift versus sending a message

The Gift

It is simple as above.

  • buy and wrap.
  • Write down “Merry Xmas”

now the gift is at the door ready to be shipped.

The Message

Now let’s see what happens when you write a Xmas message on some website and send it to your friend.




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