Vim basic commands


Ctrl+d — move down half a page
Ctrl+u — move up half a page
w — move cursor to next word
b — move cursor to previous word
gg — move cursor at beginning of page
G — move cursor to last line first char of page
} — go forward by paragraph (the next blank line)
{ — go backward by paragraph (the next blank line)
: [line_number] [enter] — Go to that line in the document


i — start insert mode at cursor
a — append after the cursor
r — replace char at cursor
d — delete left/right char (by moving cursor left right)
dd — delete whole line
shift+v,d -delete multiple lines
u — undo
select multi line and tab: shift+v then >


yy — yank (copy) a line
p — put (paste) the clipboard after cursor
P — put (paste) before cursor
shift+v ,y -copy multiple lines (then press p at cursor to paste)


:w — write (save) the file, but don’t exit
:wq — write (save) and quit
:q — quit (fails if anything has changed)
:q! — quit and throw away changes



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