Top 5 toxic managers in my developer career, get rid of them ASAP

5 min readNov 30, 2022

Make sure you read this post if you working in corporate.

As a decade developer, I have worked with more than 15+ toxic managers.

Today I will reveal all of them to you. just to make sure you never meet them, and if yes, run away soonest.

#1 Pusher/Micromanagement

Toxic Level 3/5

This is very common.

This usually happens because the person lacks technical knowledge .they keep worrying about the process, and plus poor stress management skills, they become anxious very fast.

And they do not trust the team. so they push. If you do not protect your boundary well, you will start delivering messages to your phone on weekends, late at night. started with WhatsApp messages, then calls.

It doesn’t kill you, but annoying.

How to identify? If his/her workspace is excel only shows some status numbers updated every day. And after you explained some problem that needed a discussion, all you get is “then how long do you need?”

With poor planning and management skillset, maintaining some “status numbers” in excel, push and rush.

That’s all their work.

#2 Do nothing

Toxic Level 2/5

Their management is by doing nothing. these people are usually very similar to the…




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