This is why you never get good results from workout

3 min readDec 17, 2022

A short yet working fitness plan could help get a healthier busy life

If you watched many articles or videos like ‘I did 100 push-ups a day, here is what happens, ‘A 1-year body transformation’, ‘Heavy-weight fewer reps or Lightweight more reps ?’, ‘You do not have to go the gym to stay fit’, ’10 golden movements to get stronger’ …

But nothing helps. Because If I could not even do 10 push-ups, how does it doing 100 a day make sense to me? why I did exactly the same exercise for months but do not work for me…

Why? Because some key points are missing in the plan.

#1 ONLY Eat the right thing

Fitness and workout are all about Diet, Diet is far more important than training. the body needs good nutrition. pay attention to what you eat every day, every meal. otherwise no matter how hard you train, garbage in, garbage out.

Eating Rules (simplified):

  1. Low carbs (it mostly is sugar) , and AVOID SUGAR because sugar is everywhere.). it is exceeded sugar that makes you fat. EVERY MEAL.
  2. Intake of enough protein. It builds muscle and burns fat during digestion.

#1 and #2 were game-changers for my workout.

3. Intake of enough healthy fat, AVOID Trans fat. Control Saturated fat (animal fat). especially If you are a brain worker (like a developer)




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