There are 3 racism in this technology world I have been fighting until today

7 min readAug 13, 2023

However, after a decade, they are still there. have you ever seen any?

What does it mean by technology racism?

  • “He was a Windows guy and look at how he is using the ugly mouse to navigate the folders.” — Isn’t the mouse invented to be used?
  • “He was a support guy for years.” — So what?
  • “Look at this legacy code, so ugly, I hope I don’t have to touch it in my life, will dirty my hands.” — do you know this code is generating revenue and our today’s bread and butter are coming from this piece of horse s**t?
  • “I wouldn’t say I like Javascript and Python, they are not even static typing. but we are using all these kinds of ugly language” — then why you are here?
  • “This legacy code looks so ugly, let’s change everything in this push.” — Do you really understand what the ‘ugly code’ is doing?
  • “The 40+ old developer is so slow. I am fresh and can get things done a lot faster than him.” — Are you sure?
  • This list can go on and on…

I only pick 3 to discuss, with some stories.

To New technology guru(s)

New technologies are invented to solve problems. before using it or changing anything, you should see the problem(s).

For example, think about the CRUD work we are dealing with daily. there are ORMs to deal with the communications between databases. so when you claim that the 10 yrs old is so much worse than hibernates.

Let’s think about why we need the ORM.

So first thing, What’s the problem the ORM can solve?

  • abstraction level switch. we write Java or golang code and don’t want to “embed SQL” in the code, readability problem.
  • Which also has SQL injection risk.
  • SQL connection pool(s) management.

And what’s the cost of using it?

  • We lost the control of SQL statement.
  • The SQL could be poorly generated causing slow queries.

So as you see the point is not about old or new. about:

  • Do I see a problem in my application right now?
  • Am I looking for a solution for the problem(s)…




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