The common mindset that I see fast-growing developers have

6 min readDec 17, 2023

They are slow

Often I see many developers focus on speed. during some decision-making discussions he already thinking about implementation at the code level, after the meeting, immediately opened VScode and code, the test was only a “refresh page”, and no bugs came out, He fixed it fast, and new bugs came again, and fixed again, fast.

Does it sound good? no. looks bad? yes.

Only a few developers, during the design phase, think through the flow and use cases and start asking questions. design test cases, and write test cases. interfaces, implementation, inject concert class into abstraction, run.

I won’t say 0 bugs, but much less.

Often I see some devs reply to the message very fast.

“Can you get this done within today?”, “Of course. pushing a fix now”, and “Try again now”.

“Is this easy to fix?”, “Yes, give me 10 mins”.

“What is the reason for this issue?”, “I think it should be a data issue, not a bug”.

Responsive to simple questions is good. however, not all the questions are so simple to answer immediately, spend your time to find out, no one will blame you for slowness.

For other developers, I see they work a “smarter way”.

“Let me discuss it with my team and get back.”

“Based on the provided information is still hard to tell what is the root cause. Could you please also get logs under X folder? Thanks”.


“Look at X. He joined as a fresh graduate, but I feel he has 3yrs+ exp”.

I saw this happen 2 times. different companies.

One thing these 2 guys have in common — a mentor.

Most of the junior devs are waiting for some nice “mentor” to come into their life help them to grow. however, most of the time, this won’t happen.

Even if It happened. You or your mentor may change companies. and you need to wait again.

The only thing you can carry is the “be a mentor” mindset.

Mentoring and asking for help is a completely different mindset. writing and reading are different. or like when you look at I/O, output and input are different. helping and waiting to be helped is different, assigning tasks and…




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