No side project, but some new hobbies (to be good at learning)

6 min readNov 12, 2022

Many developers asked me: “what side projects do you do?”

“No, I used to do, but now I don’t”.


Most of the side projects won’t be able to finish. why?

There is no business value. you will be bored.

Most side projects are just repeating another “CRUD” app using a different language, web framework, database, or cache with some fancy-looking structure like “Micro-service”.

If you never get it into production and get some real users, it’s just a toy.

So, this is not learning .but repeating.

Your day left with coding after coding.

Not a slave of tech trends or social media

I hear these over the years “Technology changes too fast”, and “new programming and new frameworks keep changing”. “so we need to continue learning so that won’t fall behind.”

Yes, So what. why can not pick it up fast when using it but spend most of my weekends just learning them?

And keep telling myself golang is much better than python ?So what, I must find a company hiring golang devs?

That is mad.

And do I have to exchange my lifestyle just to catch up with the new bleeding edge? or to be a rock-star developer to know how to build a “TODO list” in 5 different languages? or know how to use some cool libraries?

I see some developers’ life is basically just left coding or gaming. or, watching endless hours on Netflix, spending hours after hours on TikTok.


Something wrong.

Fix it

After 9–5.

Off the laptop.

Give yourself a mental break from the keyboard and screen, and get some fresh air after work.

Learning and practicing some new stuff to have fun does NOT have to be technology related.

If you still really want code after 9–5, try contributing to different open-source projects.

A few hours a week. a much better and more efficient way to learn than some side toys.

So How to learn new things fast and have fun




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