My manager’s work is meetings after meetings, talk is cheap

7 min readDec 3, 2023

Sorry bro, talk is not always cheap.

The story

“My manager’s job is easy, he only joins meetings and tasks our team and then collects results” “ my friend said.

“I talked to a few developers in my team, they also think so”. He added on.

“Do you know what your manager’s meeting is about?” I asked.

“Yes, of course, they get the work from our engineering team and then present it to upper management, collect credits, and build up his relationship”.

“That’s all?” I asked.

“Yes, and you know that talk is cheap, he never showed us the code, but owned it many times than us”. he complained.

“Hmm actually your manager’s work is more than that, let me explain”.

In our language, as a developer.

Deliverability and glue code

We are developers. we write code to integrate. there is one special kind of code we write many times — glue code.

As an engineering manager, one of his/her jobs is to “glue” all the work done by different teams together.

Dependency injection

pseudo code


Similar to dependency injection, and to archive “high fan in” and “low fan out” code.

The engineering manager is to monitor and make sure all the dependencies are resolved the process is loosely coupled (low fan-out) and teams are getting what they need, and are ready to take on tasks (high fan-in).

ETL engine

Once the works have been consolidated, the version is bumped up and will be passed to the QA process. however, the Engineering managers not only talk to QA and engineering but also sales, customer success, and product owners or VPs. to

  • Make sure successful POC get deals (sales talk)




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