I made such a stupid mistake in code, will I be laid off?

5 min readMar 3, 2024

Another 1:1 story. some advice to fresh.

The 1:1 conversation

“How are you, still like what you are doing ?” I asked.

“Hmm yes, but you already know what happened last night, I made such a stupid mistake, will I be laid off after this year’s performance review,” a fresh-grad X worried.

“Well. that error we found earlier and fixed it, so it’s still fine, but if we found it late, it means after we roll out, then it hurts,” I said.

“Life is so hard you know I was studying very hard in my school time in order not to fall behind, trying to get number 1 on the exams, however after graduating I realized I still keep falling behind others, I spent 2–3 hours a day to learn new technologies in order not to fall behind…”

“And I already tried my best, sometimes A or B manager asked me something at 9 or 10 pm i immediately opened my laptop and found the answer for them…blabla…”

He seems very much worried about being laid off. emphasizing how much effort he has spent.

“Well, you mentioned a couple of points. let’s talk about them one by one. first, you need to change your mindset, this is not school, we are not competing with each other, but we are compensating each other. and …”

Let’s take a sidewalk into the code issue…

So what happened to the code




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