How to delegate tasks as a senior/lead engineer?

6 min readMay 15, 2023

Let’s solve it as a programmer.

After staying in the same company for years as senior or lead, we always find ourselves overwhelmed by the increasing requests. — From everyone.

Because: you are the one, who is familiar with everything, does things fast, and knows everything.

So, you must have been here

Look at this. Is it you? Can you spot the problem? Yes, you should at least see:

  • “You” always take things on yourself the first time (eager loading, wrong! You should be lazy loading)
  • “You” are doing everything, almost! (superclass)
  • Everyone is looking for “you”! (minimal knowledge is principle is broken!)
  • There is “dev1” under you, waiting to be mentored and help you. however, he is idle (multi-threaded model is never used!)
  • You are flooded with new stories and more and more bugs (crash!)
  • Bottleneck started (blocking I/O)
  • “You” may not even have time to onboard anyone in the end
  • “You” will burn out.

Does this problem look familiar in the programming world? yes.

  • Superclass
  • Blocking I/O




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