Good developer, please stop job hopping

6 min readJul 30, 2022

Companies are suffering from losing good developers

Please do not get me wrong, change is fine, but hopping too frequently may be harmful .I’m not asking anyone stay same job forever, no. neither trying to explain how important company value is , no . I just to share my own experience of hopping(keep changing jobs every 1–2 years), and how it affacting the growth of developer .yes, it’s always your own choice to make change ,ANYTIME.

It may help you get a good raise, but that’s all

In Software engineering role, the yearly salary raise (depends on the country you stay, in my case ,it is usually 2 digit and max 3 digits ) sucks .

A common wrong mindset I have seen is link coding with money ,you may question yourself: what is the point to write SOLID code and make good test coverage ,but company seems does not pay for it . right and wrong .company is all about profit, and code is only one way to improve quality, performance or mainteinance ,which COULD bring value .

but please do not mix things up ,and do not blame yourself, nothing is wasted .write good code and test is your responsibility and identity ,Do it for yourself, no matter how much company pays you, or in your own side project which you write for free, you write good code , all because you like creating things, and you enjoyed it, that’s the best pay off.

If you want to get better raise, present the value you bring to company in last year to your manager in 1:1 .you can even let him know the market value of your current role, and how much you are expecting .it is all about negotiating . instead of running away (to result in a lose-lose), please open your big mouth and tell him .

You may get more than you are expecting , why not give a try , change is always the last option .

It is big damage to your team

Unless you are very unhappy with the team you are working with (maybe it’s a toxic team, then please leave) .do not harm them .After you leave, extra burden will be loaded on them, specially the one who do KT need to suffer some time to take over your work . if you are on senior position, your leave may create a “bad effect” to the junior ones as well ,their mind will be shaken and started finding “bad things” in their work, then thinking to look outside .when more and more people leaving, team suffers more and…




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