Everything I wish I had known when I just started my software developer career a decade ago

6 min readJul 29, 2023

This is NOT just another “I wish I know” list.


All points will be explained in developer language.

Let’s start.

Protect Your Time

At all your cost.

Once you joined a company, signed a contract, and started your first day on the job. day after day, you:

  • Work harder and harder
  • Fix bugs faster and faster
  • Submitting a huge number of merge/pull requests to prove that you are so damn good


  • Be promoted faster in your job, and get more and learn more:
  • happiness, new technologies, building friendships, and more money.

but mostly you will be ended up OT day after day, nothing much has changed: not richer, not happier, but more bugs, more emails/messages/calls on weekends, more 9–11pms. year after year, 1%–2% extra came to your account.

Before you change jobs (again). please spend 5–10 seconds to take a look at the below interface.

Interface IdayOfWork{
int Money writeKillerCode(me, const int hours=8);

Then implement it in your day-to-day work, make sure it matches the below requirements:

  • 8 hours, not more, not less.
  • Write killer code with tests, with proper documents, take the money, and go home.
  • Develop a hobby at your 5–9 and enjoy. a side project? no, I do not recommend it (because most of them will be useless) and I hope you just enjoy life.
  • Forget everything else, expect nothing else.
  • Repeat the same on your 2nd day.

Does the company you are going to join not respect this interface? don’t join, please.

Speed is not always helping you

Below could be happening to you someday.

I hope you agreed with me, “Dev2” work in a smarter way.

When fixing something, do it once with proper testing, and make sure to minimize the bugs being introduced.




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