Devs: Bored? Lift It Up!

5 min readDec 10, 2023

Both a developer and a gym goer? this post is for you

Willpower VS Have fun

Questions like:

  • “How often do you hit a gym? will 4 times a week be better than going every day? How to stay motivated and hit the gym for 10years+?”
  • “How much protein do you drink a day? before or after a workout?”
  • “How to go to the gym constantly while having a busy life, specifically, as a software developer?”

One common mistake I notice is depending solely on willpower — following a strict schedule, engaging in late-night weightlifting sessions, and sticking to protein-packed routines.

It’s a mindset of “go big or go home” and the obsession with hitting a daily 100g protein goal. However, this approach often leads to a lack of happiness and satisfaction.

I’m not suggesting that knowledge isn’t crucial, but rather that we should break free from the confines of rigid knowledge structures.

As developers, we understand the importance of trying new things and finding enjoyment — a concept embodied by our “fun box” encompassing various programming facets.

  • Programming languages, Databases, Backend, Frontend, DSA, design, protocols, hardware, Websites, Games, LLM, GenerativeAI, etc
  • Gym Machines, Benches, Squats, Cross fit, powerlifting, calisthenic, home workouts, cardio, running, skipping, etc.

Both are “fun boxes”. based on today's schedule, mood, interest, and body condition, pick and have fun.

Build up your “box”, design your day

Instead of arguing to do weight lifting VS cross fit VS street workouts. try them all and find the best for you.

To build up the “toolbox”, follow your interest of the day. and you don’t have to follow some “body part” routine, motivated today? try a full-body workout; if bored with the gym, go street and try the pull-up bar or dips bar; still no? try to do some push-ups at your home and then some bodyweight squats; no strength training today? try running, bored? try skating or skateboarding.

Be open-minded, try different approaches, and add them to your “fun box.”

The more items you add to your “box”. the more training you can design, and the more busy days you can train.




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