Bad signs .

I am tired, lost interest in what I am doing

As developers , we like coding . until one day if you found yourself a bit tired in looking at the issues you are fixing, or the projects you are working on. this is a very dangerous sign.

only you understand certain piece of code and how it works

If many features,you are the only one know it well and understand how it works. this is bad to your team and yourself. you will more likely reach a state being occupied by something, troubleshooting bug, no bandwidth to improve what you are doing .

there are very less developers than managers

Well ,It depends on the situation . but this usally could be a tough one for us .unless management has good foundation in CS backgroud, otherwise we always find communications very hard. when there is issues ,there are more pairs of eyes looking at the hands and brains, the most stress all on devs. this is a bad loop . This is hard because culture is something take time to build, we need to build a team , with engineering strong culture.

Most of time I am fixing bugs, involved in a lot support calls

This is usually because either business grows fast and lots of deals come in or software quality dropped, or both. Bugs means something works not as expected or errors throwed due to functional bug or performence or stability;the increasing of support calls could due to lack of testing so that bugs reach to end user.

Company =“family”

No matter how many years you stayed in same company , company is company, family is family . there is always boundary in between. if company or team need some team-buildings regularly to maintain certain “culture” to “help” us work together better. something else could be wrong , i do not think this is neccesary.

Finally words

Get your best code done right, in the FIRST time, during your OFFICE hour.



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