After 10 years How i become a linux developer from windows

I was

I have been a c#/java/nodejs developer for 10 years ,kind of fullstack in building webapps , using microsoft stack , windows server , MSSQL , IIS . building data analysis program using python


I am Building backend apps using python golang ,nginx in centos OS, marialDB , shell command become my daily life


More jobs .

Linux is kind of easier and more friendly to developer . the design of text stream interface make it very easy to chain command or tiny program from one to another .

free and more open source libraries .

If you looking for tech stack in the long run ,this is the choice to make .

Here is the path i went through (6–8 months)

Complete Hacker rank practices

As a windows developer , I never wrote much of shell or regex , so i spent some time to complete below practice problems on hackrank to get familiar with the tools i will be using daily.





Data structure


Finish Leetcode problems

To have solid understanding of python and golang syntax and datastruture , I solve the problems on leetcode, also a refresh on problem solving skill

907 medium using python (my ID: iorilan)

Read Books&Articles

To understand better on linux, python, mysql

<<Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible 3rd Edition>>


<<The art of unix programming>>


<<Programming python>>

<<Python crash course>>

<<Serious Python>>

<<Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition>>

<<fluent python>>

<<Automate boring staff with python>>

<<Advanced go programming>>

Practice more (by doing Side projects)

Todo list app (Python+mysql, go+mysql, python+mongoDB, go+mongoDB)

Photo gallery

Client-Server socket messenger

A mail client

Video chat room (webrtc)

document reader(docx, pdf, excel)



That’s it ,hope above could help you ! all the best if you want to be a linux developer .




A Senior Software Developer/Body builder . to help others enjoy coding and stay healthy

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A Senior Software Developer/Body builder . to help others enjoy coding and stay healthy

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