A sustainable workout plan for every developer


Counting calaries ? low carb ? vegeterian ? keto? gluten free ? I have been wasted A LOT time and tired from all these.

  1. Balance


Here is the menu i have been used in my training days .

If you could join a Gym

  • Lock your phone before you start workout, concentrate your taining time.(focus)
  • Every sets rest make it < 1.5minite (intensity)
  • keep your training time 35–50 mins (efficiency)
  • Train with your partner if you can (support)

Some tips.

While doing your training , keep the rest time between sets as short as possible, to maintain the intensity ;you can use dropping set or super set to reach failure (until you can not do any single rep);when you want grow, do less reps higher weight, when shrink, more reps 80% max weight ;do not over training .

Training frequency

I do 3–4 times a week , to avoid over training. you could go with :

Training mode

Grow . During this mode, your focus is eating more than you burn so that you can gain muscle( try eat as clean as possible, so that in shrink mode it will be easier). training days :

Street workout

If you do not want to sign up a gym , yes , you could finish a great workout with bars as well. but the results may not that great as you are getting from gym . because this is FREE . try these 4 exercises :

Home (body weight) workout

Yes you can do workout at home as well with your body weight only .below is the list i do during my travel or when i can not go gym .


You could have noticed i have not talked about any cardio . I tried a lot , in terms of efficiency , only find butterfly swimming make sense , but not everyone can get into swimming pool easily .

More options

Yes if you do not want to share machines with others , Yes you could also setup your home gym if you want (I did it recently) .



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A Senior Software Developer/Body builder . to help others enjoy coding and stay healthy